Eitr is our in–house liquid propulsion investigation project — created with the intention to design, build, and test a liquid bi–propellant engine for use within ÆSIR. 

Our organization has as of yet launched two rockets with a hybrid fuel architecture. Hybrid rockets are highlighted by their simplicity — most often featuring one solid and one fluid propellant. This type of motor is however rarely seen on larger rockets, as they lack the efficiency attainable by fully liquid or fully solid–fueled motor architectures — largely due to the inherent mixing limitations of solid and fluid material states — and it is our belief that the conversion to fully liquid–fueled architectures within the program will result in significant performance and efficiency improvements for ÆSIR rocket projects.

This exercise also serves as a fantastic springboard for the program, and will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in what is currently the gold standard of rocket motor fuel architectures in the aerospace industry. A feasibility study began in Q4 of 2019, investigating various different engine designs and parameters — including but not limited to materials, fuels, pressurization systems, injectors, and cooling. This investigation came to the conclusion that ÆSIR was capable of undertaking such a project. 

The program, like many others across the globe, faced delays and difficulties as a direct result of the COVID–19 pandemic, but is proud to state that it is back on its feet. Our program is currently undertaking the manufacturing and testing phases of this project, and aims to perform a hot fire test of the complete motor in the coming summer. 

Written March 2024