Current projects

Freyja (EuRoC 2024)

Freyja is an ABS-NOx hybrid rocket intended to compete in the 3 km SRAD hybrid category at EuRoC 2024. 


Mjollnir is ÆSIR's third major rocket project with our most ambitious goal of reaching 10+ km in altitude.


Eitr is ÆSIR's path-finding project to build a liquid bi-propellant rocket engine powered by ethanol and NOx.

Past projects

Signý (EuRoC 2023)

ÆSIR became the first team from Sweden to participate in EuRoC with our Signý rocket. Signý was successfully launched and recovered in Oct 2023 and achieved 2nd place in flight performance.


Sigmundr was ÆSIR's second rocket project, it was powered with our homemade hybrid motor and was successfully launched and recovered in Dec 2019. 


Project Odin began in 2016 as the first rocket project of ÆSIR. It was launched successfully in Oct 2018. 

Balloon project

ÆSIR was tasked to design and build a stratospheric probe as a commercial request from a Swedish media production company.